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Quek: chatting with a face


This is you.
You are purple. The others are green. You aren't. Because you're special.

You all love to chat. But there's more to life: laughing, kissing, moonwalking... and you're all on different websites!

Action! This is what you can do:

  • Surfing Quek on another website!
  • Turn off sound If you're making too much noise.
  • Chat Type here and press enter.

But the real fun lies with chatting with others


Your Quek on the internet


Obviously you don't want to stay on quek.nl. There's more to see on the internet! That can.

Start by clicking on the globe . Then fill in the webadress. Press enter and your Quek will follow!

Surfing together


Every Quek can surf the internet. Not just you. Sometimes another Quek has a green bar with text under its name. This means this Quek has left Quek.nl for another website. Click on the bar to see where he went ;)

Staying together

Click the magnet on another Quek to stay together. Wherever the other Quek goes, you will follow.

Surfing together? Than you'll see a magnet on your Quek and on the Quek you're following .

Quek is built by Q42

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There you go:


Vul hier je naam in en Quek mee!