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Old Quek

retro Quek

A long time ago, in 2001, we already made Quek. We implemented Quek in various websites and for various customers. A couple of examples are listed below.

VPRO club Quek

The dutch broadcasting organisation VPRO requested a virtual tv-room where visitors could watch a live-stream together. This required a different 'skin' but still the same engine. Hence it is strongly based in the default Quek although it has differenct features.

club Quek

The moderators of the chat are located on a balcony like the two grumpy old man in the muppets. The visitors have to choose an avator before joining the chat.

Memo Quek

Memo Quek is a good example of Quek-Chat in a simple forum. Memo Quek allows the visitors to post "3M-Post-Its" on webpages and read memo's of others. Because of the use of Quek visitors can instantly see memo's being added, removed, updated or moved.

Memo Quek

Quek assistent

Besides letting visitors meet each other on your website, you can also use Quek for a different means of communication; the Quek assistant brings you in direct contact with you customers and lets you help them on their way. By sending them to a differnt part of the site for example.


The image shows the visitor (green Quek) and the assistant (red Quek). The assistant is only visible for the visitor because the assistant has selected the visitor.

The visitor can still surf across the website while not leaving the assistant on the page they just left and vice versa. This way, the assisant can still point the visitor in the right direction.

The difference in interfaces between the visitor and assistant allows the assistant to selected and assist multiple visitors at once.

Quek is built by Q42

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